Fall in love by day, fall in love every day.

If you prefer a daytime wedding, you can enjoy all the architectural beauty of Masseria San Lorenzo, such as that of the ancient courtyard or of the “quarry garden” enhanced by the intensity of the green and of the luxurious vegetation of the surrounding park, with shades that only natural daylight can bring out.

You can choose to have your entire wedding outside, or in a beautiful hall that can hold up to 300 guests, or alternate between them during the ceremony according to your preference or needs.

The reception hall is striking for its luminosity, guaranteed by the windows which frame the large lawn and the French doors which lead directly to the courtyard, details which bring out the best of your location, ideal for a perfect Lecce wedding.

Masseria San Lorenzo is a stone’s throw from the city of Lecce, with all the convenience that provides, while remaining far from the noise of downtown, as it is immersed in the nature of an amazing large garden. Your guests will immediately be enveloped by a surreal dimension, unexpected in a place so close to the city

If you’ve chosen to have an evening wedding, your ceremony will take place in a magical setting guaranteed by the splendor of the night lights which bring out the beauty of Masseria San Lorenzo. The careful decorating by our staff, combined with the soft lighting will create a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Every single detail of this elegant and exclusive location is carefully handled: our elegant spaces, friendly and prompt service, quality products, and magical atmosphere render it the ideal place for your wedding, as you’ve always dreamed and desired it to be.

Masseria San Lorenzo is a place of ancient charm, the ideal location for your wedding in Lecce, to experience with intensity and emotion, in a timeless dimension all your own.


Stars begin at sunset.

By choosing Masseria San Lorenzo you will sublimate your ceremony, nothing will be left to chance, and you will be assisted and supported with professionalism through your wedding day, thereby fulfilling your dream.


Masseria San Lorenzo is a place of ancient charm, the ideal location for your wedding in Lecce, to be experienced with intensity and emotion, in an unexpected, magical dimension.